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August 30, 2015

The Mindset of a Super-Conqueror: Conquering Worry and Anxiety

This is the start of a new series of Bible Studies called The Mindset of a Super-Conqueror. Paul talks of being more than conquerors in Romans 8. This borrows that concept for a topical study on overcoming areas we struggle with daily. The first session will be about... Conquering Worry and Anxiety. We all struggle at times with worry and have a hard time trusting God. This study will show us the biblical teaching on how to conquer our worries!!


Pastor Todd Jaussen
Crossroads Christian Fellowship Church
Greenville, PA

Mark: That Stubborn Mom... What a Blessing!

What can a frantic mom described in Mark teach us about prayer? Much because Jesus commended her faith and she saw her daughter delivered!! Are we good intercessors? Do we know what it truly means to be persistent in prayer?

Matthew 15:15-28,10:5-6,28:19-20
Mark 7:24-30,6:30-34
Romans 8:34
John 4:22
Acts 1:8,11:17-18,13:46
Isaiah 62:6-7
James 1:6-8

    In the first place, this passage is meant to encourage us to pray for others. The woman who came to our Lord, in the history now before us, must doubtless have been in deep affliction. She saw a beloved child possessed by an unclean spirit. She saw her in a condition in which no teaching could reach the mind, and no medicine could heal the body - a condition only one degree better than death itself. She hears of Jesus, and beseeches Him to "cast the demon out of her daughter." She prays for one who could not pray for herself, and never rests until her prayer is granted. By prayer she obtains the cure which no human means could obtain. Through the prayer of the mother, the daughter is healed. On her own behalf that daughter did not speak a word; but her mother spoke for her to the Lord, and did not speak in vain. Hopeless and desperate as her case appeared, she had a praying mother, and where there is a praying mother there is always hope.

    The truth here taught is one of deep importance. The case here recorded is one that does not stand alone. Few duties are so strongly recommended by Scriptural example, as the duty of intercessory prayer. There is a long catalogue of instances in Scripture, which show the benefits that may be conferred on others by praying for them. The nobleman's son at Capernaum - the centurion's servant - the daughter of Jairus, are all striking examples. Incredible as it may seem, God is pleased to do great things for souls, when friends and relations are moved to pray for them. "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." (James 5:16)

    Fathers and mothers are especially bound to remember the case of this woman. They cannot give their children new hearts. They can give them Christian education, and show them the way of life; but they cannot give them a will to choose Christ's service, and a heart to love God. Yet there is one thing they can always do - they can pray for them. They can pray for the conversion of profligate sons, who will have their own way, and run greedily into sin. They can pray for the conversion of worldly daughters, who set their affections on things below, and love pleasure more than God. Such prayers are heard on high. Such prayers will often bring down blessings. Never, never let us forget that the children for whom many prayers have been offered, seldom finally perish. Let us pray more for our sons and daughters. Even when they will not let us speak to them about religion, they cannot prevent us speaking for them to God. J.C. Ryle Expository Thoughts on the Gospels
Sermon discussion questions for parents to use with their children:
  • Why was this woman so distraught?
  • Why did Jesus treat her with what seems to be a lack of concern and compassion?
  • Why did He reach out to Jews first?
  • What does she teach us about prayer?
  • About persistent prayer?
  • About believing prayer?
  • Why does God like us to be persistent?

Pastor Todd Jaussen
Crossroads Christian Fellowship Church
Greenville, PA

August 23, 2015

Life of Daniel: Angel Battle

Daniel's final vision is of angels doing battle; then the book closes. What is going on in this book and around us today that makes this man's message so important to us? We will conclude our study of Daniel assessing how his life and ours have so many similarities... living for God in a hostile climate.

Daniel 12

Pastor Todd Jaussen
Crossroads Christian Fellowship Church
Greenville, PA

Mark: Made In...?

From all ages there has been man made religion and it's opposite God revealed religion. Which do you subscribe to? How can you know the difference? What would Jesus say about the religious options open to us today? His words in Mark should make it clear.

Mark 7:1-23

Sermon discussion questions for parents to use with their children:
  • Why does Jesus warn so strongly against man-made religion?
  • What is man-made religion?
  • How does it differ from God revealed religion?
  • What are some of the major ways we make up our own religion today?
  • What would Jesus' response be to it?
  • What did Jesus think were the real issues in this text?

Pastor Todd Jaussen
Crossroads Christian Fellowship Church
Greenville, PA

August 16, 2015

Life of Daniel: Antichrist

Antichrist... The word evokes powerful responses... some think of scary and bizarre movies, some cringe in superstition, and some laugh. None of these were Daniel's, Jesus', Paul's, or John's response. Yet, they all soberly taught on the subject. John even tells us that antichrists will be present in each generation. Who are the antichrists of today? How are we taught to prepare to meet these forces in the Word of God? Will they culminate in one final Antichrist? How should we respond?

Daniel 11

Pastor Todd Jaussen
Crossroads Christian Fellowship Church
Greenville, PA

Mark: Keep Rowing and Trusting

What makes you scream like a little girl? Seeing a ghost? Facing a terrifying storm? Or something more routine like finding a mouse? Mark tells us the disciples screamed when they saw Jesus walking on the water. Where was their trust and why were their hearts hardened?

Mark 6:30-56,1:35
Matthew 6:6
John 20:29

    We do not obey God properly and substantially unless we simply follow whatever He commands even though it conflicts with our ideas. God always has the best reason for His purpose, but He often hides it from us for a time so that we may learn not to be wise in ourselves but to depend entirely on His will. John Calvin
    Now by going up the mountain He was seeking the possibility of praying free from all interruption. We know how easily warmth in prayer can be quenched or at least cooled by the least distractions. He wished to warn us by His example to be careful to use all the helps that will disengage our minds from the snares of the world, so that we may be carried up to heaven. The most important thing is solitude. Those who set themselves to pray with God as their only witness will be more watchful, will pour forth their hear into His bosom, will examine themselves more carefully, and, knowing that they have to do with God, will rise above themselves. John Calvin
Sermon discussion questions for parents to use with their children:
  • Why did Jesus spend so much time in prayer?
  • Why did He often get alone to pray?
  • Why are the disciples described as having hard hearts?
  • How should they have responded?
  • In what ways do we respond to circumstances in life with hard hearts?
  • How can we do it differently?

Pastor Todd Jaussen
Crossroads Christian Fellowship Church
Greenville, PA

August 9, 2015

The Holiness of God: Part 5

When one grasps the fact that God is holy in all that means it leads to a question: Why would such a God move to save us? And the answer to that question leads to wonder, love, and praise!

2 Samuel 7
Habakkuk 1:13
2 Corinthians 5:21
Hebrews 10:19-23

Sermon discussion questions for parents to use with their children:
  • What does it mean that God is holy?
  • How does God look upon all sin, including our own?
  • Why is it astounding that God moved to save us?
  • How did David respond to God's goodness toward him, and what should we learn from that?

Pastor Todd Jaussen
Crossroads Christian Fellowship Church
Greenville, PA



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