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Travel its path, and you will find rest for your souls.
Jeremiah 6:16

May 31, 2015

Who Is This Jesus?

Jesus has been assigned a lot of names in the Bible to describe his nature. Let's see if we can use some of them to find out who He is.

John 1:14-51
1 John 1:9

Scott Graubard
Crossroads Christian Fellowship Church
Greenville, PA

May 24, 2015

Mark: The Relentless Pursuit

Mark tells us of a woman who pursued Jesus with a determination that she could be healed with one touch of His cloak. There is much for us to learn from her and about Jesus who embodies in Himself even now all we need for salvation and life.

Leviticus 15:19-33
Mark 5:24-34,4:31
Romans 11:33

Faith brings an empty hand, receives everything, and can give nothing in return. No grace is so important to the Christian's own soul. By faith we begin. By faith we live. By faith we stand. We walk by faith and not by sight. By faith we overcome. By faith we have peace. By faith we enter into rest. No grace should be the subject of so much self-inquiry. We should often ask ourselves, Do I really believe? Is my faith true, genuine, and the gift of God? J.C. Ryle
There is a lesson here which all true Christians would do well to remember. We are not to be ashamed to confess Christ before men, and to let others know what He has done for our souls. If we have found peace through His blood, and been renewed by His Spirit, we must not shrink from avowing it, on every proper occasion. It is not necessary to blow a trumpet in the streets, and force our experience on everybody's notice. All that is required is a willingness to acknowledge Christ as our Master, without flinching from the ridicule or persecution which by so doing we may bring on ourselves. More than this is not required; but less than this ought not to content us. If we are ashamed of Jesus before men, He will one day be ashamed of us before His Father and the angels. J.C. Ryle
Sermon discussion questions for parents to use with their children:
  • What excuses could this woman have given to not get up and go to Jesus?
  • When the Bible says that living faith acts/does things... how was this shone in her life?
  • What does this passage teach us about Jesus... specifically, what does it mean that He embodies in Himself all we need for salvation and everlasting life?
  • Why is faith easy in one sense, and how is that illustrated in this event?
  • How is faith hard... and how is it illustrated?

Pastor Todd Jaussen
Crossroads Christian Fellowship Church
Greenville, PA

May 10, 2015

Mark: Stop Fearing, Only Believe

"Stop fearing, only believe"... those are Jesus' words to a man who just lost his only daughter. How do we do this... how does our faith in Jesus alter our emotional state? These are the questions explored in this sermon from the book of Mark.

Mark 5:21-43
John 11:21
1 Thessalonians 4:13-14
Psalm 68:5-6
Isaiah 46:4

Sermon discussion questions for parents to use with their children:
  • Why was Jairus conflicted about going to see Jesus?
  • What motivated him to go?
  • How does this kind of thing happen still today for people?
  • What does this passage teach about Jesus?
  • Why did He want this miracle to be kept secret?
  • How can we stop fearing and only believe?

Pastor Todd Jaussen
Crossroads Christian Fellowship Church
Greenville, PA

May 3, 2015

Mark: Demons, Pigs, and an Amazing Savior

After studying this text in Mark we should never be intimidated by the world or the principalities and powers again... they are the ones who are intimidated by this amazing Savior. Here is real hope for us all!

Mark 5:1-20,1:11,1:24,1:34,3:11-12,4:41
James 2:19
Luke 8:31

Sermon discussion questions for parents to use with their children:
  • How would this man have appeared if you saw him?
  • What did the demons do to his personality?
  • What was the demons response when they saw Jesus?
  • Why did they respond this way?
  • Why did Jesus not just run from this man?
  • What does this account tell us about Jesus?
  • How can what we learn about Jesus from this story help us as we believe in Him today?

Pastor Todd Jaussen
Crossroads Christian Fellowship Church
Greenville, PA



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