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Jeremiah 6:16

October 28, 2012

Luke: Judas and Peter (Part I)

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Luke 22:1-6,28-30,47-48
John 12:1-8,6:70,13:2,21-30,18,17:12
1 Timothy 6:9-10
Matthew 27:3-4
Acts 1:25
1 Peter 5:8

    No doubt to human reason these two principles appear inconsistent with each other; that God should arrange human affairs by His Providence so that nothing happens other than by His Will and bidding, and that He should destroy the reprobate (unbeliever) by whom He achieves His ends. We see how Christ reconciles these two, placing Judas under a curse although it was divinely appointed that he should plot against God as he did, not that the treachery of Judas should properly be called a work of God, but because God bent the treachery of Judas to the fulfillment of His purpose. John Calvin, Commentary on Luke

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