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Stop at the Crossroads and look around. Ask for the old, godly way, and walk in it.
Travel its path, and you will find rest for your souls.
Jeremiah 6:16

December 25, 2011

God and Man in One Person

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Luke 1:26-38
Hebrews 4:14-16,5:7-9,2:10,2:14-18
John 1:1
Colossians 2:9

    It was not because the Son of God needed to experience it to become accustomed to the emotion of mercy, but because He could not persuade us that He is kind and ready to help us, unless He had been tested by our misfortunes: and this like other things He has given us. Whenever, therefore, all kinds of evils press upon us, let this be our immediate consolation, that nothing befalls us which the Son of God has not experienced Himself, so that He can sympathize with us; and let us not doubt that He is in it with us as if He were distresses along with us. John Calvin
    Sympathy with the sinner in his trial does not depend on the experience of sin but on the experience of the strength of temptation to sin which only the sinless can know in it's full intensity. He who falls yields before the last strain. B. F. Westcott

Pastor Todd Jaussen
Crossroads Christian Fellowship Church
Greenville, PA

February 27, 2011

God Revealed Through the Cross

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John 3:16
Romans 5:5-11,8:31-32
1 John 3:16,4:7-11

    The heart of God is the original seat or subject of love. Divine love is in Him, not as in a subject that receives it from another, but as in its original seat, where it is of itself. Love is in God, as light is in the sun, which does not shine by a reflected light, as the moon and planets do, but by its own light, and as the great fountain of light. And from God, love flows out toward all the inhabitants of heaven. It flows out, in the first place, necessarily and infinitely, toward his only-begotten Son; being poured forth, without mixture, as to an object that is infinite, and so fully adequate to all the fullness of a love that is infinite. And this infinite love is infinitely exercised toward Him. Not only does the fountain send forth streams to this object, but the very fountain itself wholly and altogether goes out toward Him. And the Son of God is not only the infinite object of love, but He is also an infinite subject of it. He is not only the Beloved of the Father, but He infinitely loves Him. The infinite essential love of God, is, as it were, an infinite and eternal, mutual, holy, energy between the Father and the Son: a pure and holy act, whereby the Deity becomes, as it were, one infinite and unchangeable emotion of love proceeding from both the Father and the Son. This divine love has its seat in the Deity, as it is exercised within the Deity, or in God toward Himself.

    Jonathon Edwards

    God cannot, cannot, cannot resist the cry of the blood of Christ. Abel’s blood demanded vengeance and it had it. Christ’s blood demands pardons and it shall have them, must have them – our God cannot be deaf to the cry of His Son’s own blood.

    C.H. Spurgeon

Pastor Todd Jaussen
Crossroads Christian Fellowship Church
Greenville, PA



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